1st International Retracking Conference (29. 1. 2018)


On Monday, January 29, 2018, the inaugural conference was held at the Predonzani Hall at Piazza Unità 1, at the headquarters of Friuli-Venezia Giulia in Trieste, to present the project "RETRACKING - A circular economy: traceability of fiberglass-reinforced composites", co-financed within the framework of VA Italy-Slovenia 2014-2020. The purpose of the "Follow the loop" Conference was to talk about the possibilities offered by combinations of innovative, new processing technologies and increased traceability for the closing of glass fiber polymers (GFRP) material flows. About 30 representatives of Slovenian and Italian companies and institutions attended the conference.

The materials from the conference are available at: https://www.gzs.si/general_acquisitions/environment_en/News/ArticleId/63703/building-conference-retracking-following-conferences-retracking-segui-il-nodo

1st International Retracking Conference 1st International Retracking Conference
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